This is awesome. There is so so much to love here. First, the layering of Hypothesis does so much to make the rubric dynamic, which of course it wants to be. I have really pondered the idea of “open assessment” for a long time, and would love to see a revolution in which our assessment tools become as 5R-able as the materials they assess. So I had a bunch of questions inside the rubric, but I think I like the rubric MORE for making me question it in places. But I also love this because it helps draw conversation towards the qualities of our learning experiences outside of content, and I don’t think there are a whole lot of scaffolds for faculty who want to open their pedagogy that really help draw the focus towards how and why and a bit away from WHAT. This is SUCH a cool project. At some point, maybe do a paragraph synopsis and link back to this page and submit to the Open Pedagogy Notebook, too. I’d love to see this in there at some point.