Thanks for responding Chris. While I surely welcome the interview you describe, I’m still left feeling like it’s less information than I’d been hoping for. It seems like an interview with Don about every 6 months, instigated by a very busy board member, is not the kind of information stream I was expecting from Don or the OIDF. Part of my disappointment may stem from the very different communications habits I’ve come to prefer and practice myself, which lean more toward open, constant, mixed informal and formal statements in a wide array of channels. So, questions I might ask would include: 1) What specific, tangible steps is the OIDF taking or planning to take that will support the promises Don made in his first interview with you to communicate with and engage the broader community? 2) Will Don himself change his communication practices to personally engage in the broader community using the (open) social channels already in use to help support his position as a community leader? 3) What have Don and the OIDF been doing since February, 2009 and what activities are planned for the rest of 2009?