Praying to a New God: Ninkasi, The Sumerian Goddes of Fermentation

My new favorite beer is made by Ninkasi, in Eugene, Oregon.

They make an IPA that is simultaneously deliciously bitter and has all kinds of floral flavors that make each sip a trip to the Sumerian equivalent of Nirvana (An?).

They apparently brew in the Steelhead facility and haven’t managed to build much of a web presence yet:

So far, I’ve only found Ninkasi on tap, and at these Portland, OR establishments. Add a comment with other locations if you’ve found Ninkasi somewhere else…


Posted by Nate Angell

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2 Replies to “Praying to a New God: Ninkasi, The Sumerian Goddes of Fermentation”

  1. I know 2 places. Tiga (NE 15th & Prescott) and Russell Street BBQ (


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