I like your emphasis on “stickiness” it’s a great way to frame conversations about the possibilities in an LMS/CLE. In spite of the value of “stickiness” it’s worth noting that some students profess to be interested in things that might be at odds with that quality. Some want an LMS (and a course) that they can quickly “get into” and then quickly “get out of.” This, at least, was what a professor I was working with a few years ago said was the chief virtue in his mashup course that didn’t require a login and whose resources were really easy to get to. Maybe this “quickly get into and quickly get out of” attitude is just a facet of our commuter campus. Commuter students also want a campus they can drive and park at easily and then leave quickly from. This isn’t to challenge the virtues of “stickiness” or all that you attribute to it. And if “stickiness” might not be what one is seeking when it comes to driving and parking that doesn’t mean these same attitudes translate seamlessly to digital environments (or to more residential campuses). But it’s worth noting that there are alternative ways to look at this. Nice essay.