If we had a MakerBot.

And we put it on a cart, so it could be moved around: a MakerCart.

Then, we could take the MakerBot to the people, and show them how to make.

We could take the MakerCart to events, and fairs, and libraries, and parks, and schools.

Once the people learn they can make, and how to make, they will come up with their own things to make, and bring them to the MakerCart.

We will make things for the people at the MakerCart as cheaply as we can.

We will sell the things people make at the MakerCart and give them the profits.

If we had a MakerBot, we could kickstart a project to buy the cart, and the materials, and all the other things a MakerCart would need to help the people make.

Let’s not do this alone. There are already people making in most communities. If we had a MakerBot, we would work with the makers to make the MakerCart, and move the MakerCart, and run the MakerCart, and fix the MakerCart if it got broken.

Let’s bring the making to the people!

Contact Nate to connect to MakerCart.