Board of Directors

To support Mediapede’s mission to foster communication and collaboration among a broad range of people and institutions concerned with the study, production, and daily use of contemporary media, Mediapede seeks guidance from committed individuals from the following groups:

  • media scholars and educators at all levels
  • media archivists and librarians
  • media and information technology professionals
  • public officials and other nonprofit professionals concerned with contemporary media

To ensure Mediapede’s efficient management and offer alternative pathways for committed support, Mediapede is developing both a compact Board of Directors with full corporate responsibility and a larger Advisory Council to help guide Mediapede’s mission.

As described in Mediapede’s corporate bylaws, Directors of the Board share full legal responsibility for Mediapede as a nonprofit corporation, and oversee Mediapede’s staff, fiscal and administrative affairs, general policies, and strategic planning. Directors attend regular and special meetings of the Board, vote on all issues before the Board, and maintain full knowledge of Mediapede’s affairs to support their governance.

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