The Center for the Study of Public History and Public Culture at the George Washington University. The Center provides a forum for discussion of the issues, methods, debates, and interpretation of public history and public culture. It promotes collaborative projects with cultural institutions across the United States and abroad in areas of research, presentation, and training. The Center provides support for research issues, supports public education projects, and funds graduate student training.

Mediapede is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and extending the study and understanding of communications media worldwide.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. In 2000, the Center won an innovation grant from the Foundation, designed to increase graduate student cooperation with professionals outside the academy. With the seed money from this award, the Center was able to respond to a growing concern expressed by secondary school teachers. For several years, academic organizations such as the Society for Cinema & Media Studies have received increasing numbers of requests from teachers who want to use film in their classrooms, but who are well aware of the pitfalls of using movies as historical artifacts. The Foundation funded our efforts to convene an advisory committee, collect relevant data and produce our first guides.