Portlanteau: PDX, a Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

Not so long ago, someone (Chris O’Rourke? Scott Kveton?) coined the term portvangelist and spawned a not-your-grandpa’s Chamber of Commerce movement to match the term.

The portvangelists in turn provoked the portvangelistas, reactionary reactionaries to not-your-grandpa’s grandpa.

When self-avowed portvangelist Scott Kveton turned up in the official news, characterized as a “job flipper,” when really he is in portvagabondage (n. the state of being willing to accept any job, as long as one can continue to live in Portland, Oregon), it seemed time to remark on the burgeoning spate of Portlandish neologisms.

And so I present a term that describes this wordly phenomenon: portlanteau, n. a portmanteau word that links the name of the city of Portland, Oregon to another word or concept.

Let a thousand portlanteaus bloom in the Rose City!

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