Father’s Day, Juneteenth 2022

Today two US holidays coincide: Juneteenth — long a commemoration of the 19th-century emancipation of enslaved African Americans that was not made an official US federal holiday until last year in 2021 — and Father’s Day — a more recent celebration started in the early 20th century, though recognized as a US federal holiday in … Read more

Lightning Talk: Open Learning Experience Bingo

Opening slide for a lightning talk on Open Learning Experience Bingo given by Nate Angell on 11 Dec 2020, with vintage bingo number balls in the background.

On Friday, 11 December 2020, I gave a lightning talk organized by Creative Commons about the ongoing collaborative project for a bingo “game” to surface and discuss the many different ways that educational experiences can “open” beyond traditional practices. You can access the presentation for my lightning talk, which references back to many resources here … Read more

Open Licensing Over TV Dinners and Smoothies

Image of a TV dinner in a foil tray with different Creative Commons licenses badges on the different food items. This work, CC TV Dinner by Nate Angell is licensed under CC BY, and is a derivative of tv dinner 1 by adrigu (https://flic.kr/p/6AMLDF) used under CC BY, and various Creative Commons license buttons by Creative Commons (https://creativecommons.org/about/downloads) used under CC BY.

An offhand, only half-serious comment I made in the Creative Commons open education slack channel in response to a very worthy question from BCCampus’ Amanda Coolidge led to a new (?) metaphor to help explain the different open-licensing implications between collecting and redistributing a group of works with different open licenses versus actually remixing several works to form a new, derivative work: hereafter known as the TV dinner vs the smoothie.

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