Welcome to the #AInthropocene

A giant robotic limb made of crumbling stone dominates the left side of an image, while in the background, a shadowy human figure standing facing away in rocky landscape, looks out on a moon or asteroid caught hurtling over distant light blue water.

"The AInthropocene" by Nate Angell was created using the DALL-E 2 generative AI service with the prompt "Picture a future geologic age in which humans and artificial intelligence coexist and collaborate to shape the Earth and its ecosystems in ways that were previously unimaginable" and is dedicated to the public domain via CC0.

Inspired while reading Tressie McMillan Cottom’s 20 Dec 2022 NY Times post, “Human This Christmas“, I tweeted about the “AInthropocene”, which I thought would be an already existent portmanteau word that combines the idea of the Anthropocene geologic age with the “AI” abbreviation for artificial intelligence — putting the “AIn’t” in the Anthropocene if you … Read more