Defaulting to OpenID on Drupal 5

Kudos to walkah et al for their work on the Drupal OpenID module and getting OpenID into core for Drupal 6! By default, OpenID in Drupal 5 and 6 defaults to present regular Drupal authentication first, giving the user the option to toggle to authenticate via OpenID. That’s the exact opposite of what I wanted … Read more

Drupal 6.0

I just installed my first Drupal 6.0 version (RC4), which took a total of about 3.5 minutes. You [used to be able to] visit the resulting (minimalist) site. The new installer worked flawlessly, requiring only establishing a database and user and changing the the access control on a single directory and changing it back again … Read more

Flock Me!

O how I want to Flock in the morning. O how I want to Flock in the eve. But I can’t because Flock can’t authenticate me to my OpenID, Drupal blog. Flockstars take notice: OpenID critical mass is growing. Take a look at OpenID support in these flocky sites and at least let us know … Read more

OSCMS 2007: Open Source Content Management Systems at Yahoo!

Recently returned from the Open Source Content Management Systems (OSCMS 2007) gathering held at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, CA. Drupal was strongly represented at OSCMS, but also saw some Joomla, Plone and Alfresco presence. As often, PHP maven Rasmus Lerdorf was in attendance, in this case, demonstrating the latest in security and performance considerations. … Read more

Drupal 6 Blog Recipe

LAMP Platform Ubuntu Apache MySQL PHP Drupal Content Management System Drupal Drupal Installation Procure a LAMP webserver environment similar to the one described above. Other platforms are possible (eg, LAPP, WAMP, WIMP, etc), but will not be discussed here. Read Drupal’s system requirements for more information. Follow the standard Drupal installation procedures. Once Drupal is … Read more