Open Learning Bingo: What Open Education Taught Me

A 4x4 bingo card with highlights on various dimensions of openness in various learning experience ingredient squares. Materials: connect, reflect; Activities: reflect; Skills: connect, develop, reflect; Tools: blank; People: connect, include, reflect; Roles: connect, reflect, surface; Places: blank; Times: reflect; Goals: blank; Feedback: connect, reflect; Evaluation: connect, reflect; Recognition: connect, reflect; Design: reflect, surface.

An Open Knowledge Practices Learning Experience Bingo 2.0 card that Nate Angell filled out on 5 December 2019 for Jaime Marsh's post, "What Open Pedagogy Taught Me".

For my first series of experiments applying open learning experience bingo to descriptions of actual learning experiences, I’ve started with experiences cataloged in the Open Pedagogy Notebook. Because student work is super valuable, I decided to start with the entry there from Jamie Marsh that was identified as a student perspective.

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