Teaching History Through Film

This page provides resources for high school and junior high teachers who want to use feature films in the classroom.

If you teach history, English, social studies, or media literacy, the film teaching guides here will provide you with ideas for using Hollywood movies in your classroom.

Who we are

This project is part of the Center for the Study of Public History and Public Culture at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. The film teaching guides have been developed by a team of graduate students in American Studies, university professors, and K-12 English and history teachers. During the academic year, 2000-2001, we initiated a pilot program to produce resource guides designed to aid teachers who are interested in using Hollywood films to generate student interest in historical subjects.

How you can help

If any or all of these film teaching guides fit your teaching plans, we need teachers who are able and willing to use and evaluate them for us. At the end of each guide is a link to our evaluation tool.