Welcome to the #AInthropocene

A giant robotic limb made of crumbling stone dominates the left side of an image, while in the background, a shadowy human figure standing facing away in rocky landscape, looks out on a moon or asteroid caught hurtling over distant light blue water.

Inspired while reading Tressie McMillan Cottom’s 20 Dec 2022 NY Times post, “Human This Christmas“, I tweeted about the “AInthropocene”, which I thought would be an already existent portmanteau word that combines the idea of the Anthropocene geologic age with the “AI” abbreviation for artificial intelligence — putting the “AIn’t” in the Anthropocene if you … Read more

Father’s Day, Juneteenth 2022

Detail from an illustration of a dark gray bull bleeding on its face with red muletas stuck in its back looking at a green butterfly who is asking: Are you OK? with a bright yellow background. Are you OK? by Belén González (Matitafore) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Today two US holidays coincide: Juneteenth — long a commemoration of the 19th-century emancipation of enslaved African Americans that was not made an official US federal holiday until last year in 2021 — and Father’s Day — a more recent celebration started in the early 20th century, though recognized as a US federal holiday in … Read more

Eat Poop You Cat 2021

Black and white pen drawing of a girl riding a tricycle really fast with marks on her forehead.

In 2018, our extended family played this game on New Year’s Eve and in 2021, we did it again, so I guess it’s a tradition now. Eat Poop You Cat, which some in our family call “The Drawing Game” is a variation of the game some call “Telephone”, where a message is passed from person … Read more

Lightning Talk: Open Learning Experience Bingo

Opening slide for a lightning talk on Open Learning Experience Bingo given by Nate Angell on 11 Dec 2020, with vintage bingo number balls in the background.

On Friday, 11 December 2020, I gave a lightning talk organized by Creative Commons about the ongoing collaborative project for a bingo “game” to surface and discuss the many different ways that educational experiences can “open” beyond traditional practices. You can access the presentation for my lightning talk, which references back to many resources here … Read more

Tiny Social Reading Activities

A handout describing a tiny social reading activity, with logos from Pressbooks, Hypothesis and H5P across the bottom.

A simple way to enrich online classes by making up tiny #SocialReading activities to help people practice key skills. Making a new tiny social reading activity is easy, just complete three sentences:

  1. I want people to learn…
  2. Together we’ll be reading…
  3. We’ll share…

This idea started with a poster session Jeremy Dean (@dr_jdean), Steel Wagstaff (@steelwagstaff) and I gave at EDUCAUSE 2019 #EDU19. We used it to show how one can invent simple, but powerful learning activities that could be delivered face-to-face or online, using tools like Pressbooks, Hypothesis and H5P.

I’ve shared some example “tiny social reading activities” from the poster session and the Twitter thread where I reintroduced this idea. Share your own examples, either as annotations or comments here, and/or added on to that Twitter thread. What are simple ways you can imagine learners sharing their engagement with texts to make reading more visible, active and social?

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