Father’s Day, Juneteenth 2022

Detail from an illustration of a dark gray bull bleeding on its face with red muletas stuck in its back looking at a green butterfly who is asking: Are you OK? with a bright yellow background. Are you OK? by Belén González (Matitafore) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Today two US holidays coincide: Juneteenth — long a commemoration of the 19th-century emancipation of enslaved African Americans that was not made an official US federal holiday until last year in 2021 — and Father’s Day — a more recent celebration started in the early 20th century, though recognized as a US federal holiday in … Read more

Change Thyself: A Recipe to Overcome Addiction to Thoughtless Conservatism

My father-in-law, a wise and beneficent man that I’m proud to consider a close friend, recently sent an email to someone politically conservative that I thought was particularly well-written and offers powerful, yet practical suggestions for how someone might begin to wean themselves off what might be seen as an addiction to the worse kind … Read more